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Good News carries  mindful of education regarding Shijay and Chod practice. 

Under Lama T. Wangdu Rinpoche's advice K.Thongdo Dojee (Dawa la) has visited New York and formed a Chod Group here. Every Saturday we practice and preform CHOD here in Queens, NY

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Our humble gratitude to all the practitioners and supporters who extended their support during the foundation of the “Phadampa Center” to preserve the sacred Chod of Phadampa and Machik Lapdron. The name Phadampa for the center was chosen by Lama Tsering Wangdu Norbu Rimpoche as it carries the practice of Phadampa Sangye's  "SHIJE". Our regards also to the donors who we hope will continue to support us. We once again thank you all for giving yourselves the chance to hear and feel the depth of Chod and its benefits. All in all 
"Thanks for the Magnanimous Heart."  Phadampa Center
The Great lord of Yogi known as Pha Dampa Sangye or Kamalashila was born in the southern state of India.    From a traditional stand point Phadampa Sangay lived for five hundred and seventy two years, some three centuries prior to the time of Milarepa (AD 1052-1135). 
According to legendary accounts, Buddha Shakyamuni prophesied that in the future when the time is ripe the teachings of the perfection of wisdom will spread. When one of his students asked by whom and where in the future will this teaching spread, Buddha Shakyamuni mentioned that his student Bodhisattva Aparajita would spread the teaching in the north. When the student asked again as to understand the location of this northern region, Buddha Shakyamuni was then said to have picked up a stone and threw it towards the north from the Vulture Peak of Bodhgaya, India and stated that the northern region is where this stone will befall. Bodhisattva Aparajita when he was born as Phadampa Sangye in his future lives, to fulfill the said prophecy made seven visits to Tibet which he believed was the region that the Buddha Shakyamuni mentioned as the north, in search of that holy stone. That region indeed was Tibet and accordingly in the region of Tingri Lang-kor the stone was found. And it was at this region that Phadampa Sangye began to propagate the teachings of the perfection of wisdom. Phadampa Sangye also delivered his last teachings to the people of Tingri which gave them a special karmic connection to him. 
Also, during one of his previous visits to Tibet, Phadampa Sangye was said to have been instructed by Guru Rimpoche “that he must go to China in order to spread Buddha’s actual teachings and refute a false teaching that had been propagated there by Hashang Mahayana that undermined the validity of karmic cause and effect. They say that Phadampa Sangye stayed in China for eighty years and purified false views that were prevalent there, causing the pure view as explained by Buddha to flourish”. He later came to be known as Bodhidharma in China.
“One does not necessarily have to be a Buddhist to learn Chod;  as long as an individual accepts the fact that we are all built with five elements of earth, wind, fire, water and space…”  Dawa (Roaming Yogi)
For more information About Phadampa Sangye refer to  "Lions of Siddhas" Translated by David Molk with Lama Tsering Wangdu Norbu Rinpoche.
For more information About Machik Lapdron  refer to "Machig Labdron and the Foundation of Chod" /  Jerome Edou or "Machik's Complete Explanation" Translated and introduced by Sarah Harding or  "Machig Labdron's Four Demons" Tsultrim Allione.
For more information about Lama Wangdu Norbu Rinpoche Refer to "Hundred Thousand Rays of the Sun" Translated and Edited by Joshua Waldman & Lama Jinpa.