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                             BRIEF ACCOUNT OF CHOD PRACTICE
       Chod is a distinct, pure and authentic classical practice. Chod has different connotations. In the western mindset Chod is sometimes considered as a shamanic practice because it also deals with spirits when used to purify human beings or haunted places.  Traditionally Chod practice has its roots in the Indian Buddhist practice. These roots are known as the four Great Chod Tributaries from India. They are: Aryadeva’s Tsik-chad (meaning of the words), Naropa’s ro-nyom (fair taste), Padma Sambahava’s trin-chod (purifying the obstacles) and PhaDamapa Sangya’s Shije (pacifying the suffering).
All these lineages were born from the very heart of Machik Labdron who is the emanation of the great mother (tib:Yum-Chenmo), the embodiment of the perfection of wisdom. Her main teachers were Phadampa, Arya Tara and Kyodon Sonam lama. 
Within the Chod practice there are three different sets of practice namely Sutra practice, Tantra practice and the combination of these two.  Arya Tara gave direct transmission to Machik Labdron who passed this unbroken teaching to her son Thonyon Samdrup. He fully integrated the practice in his meditation at Shampo Gangla and attained the rainbow body. This particular lineage falls under Tantra practice. The combination of both Sutra and Tantra practices was born from Machik’s own heart and she passed it on to Khugom Chodsing. Machik mentions that the word “PHA” refers to the perfection of wisdom or Sutra, “TA” refers to the great Mantra Vehicle or Tantra and that is why “PHAT” refers to the combination of both Sutra and Tantra. When reciting “PHAT”one should make a point to say it with a strong voice.
Externally Machik is considered to be Arya Tara, inwardly known as the realized great Mother, secretly as the Vajra Yogini and in more deeper secret as the wrathful Dakini (tib: T'hroma Nagmo). During Machik’s time there was a debate among Acharyas (scholars) and Sadhus (Indian yogis) in India about her being the Great Mother. Three Sadhus from India who had the ability to cross long distances in a short time carried out series of investigations. True story accounts with proofs and clues evidenced Machik being born many lifetimes in India. Realizing that she is the emanation of the Great Mother, these three Sadhus later learnt and brought the Bhod-Chod (Machik's chod) in India where it flourished.Machik mentioned clearly with her own voice that “All the Dharma practice originally came from India to Tibet but my Chod tradition was born in Tibet and later flourished into India”.
With the passage of time “Chod” became a very famous practice within Asia. Chod practice is a powerful skill in healing oneself and others from all the mental afflictions as well as from any physical sickness.
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Roaming yogi on Chod Dram 2.AVI
How to perform Chod Dar with "Chom Chom Chomten dhay".
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Roaming yogi on Chod Dram 1.AVI
How to perform Damaru

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Chod Cham
My first Chod Cham (Dance) with my guru in the year 2005 at Portland.
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How to Blow Kungling (Trumphet) while in Chod.

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Chod kusulu
KUSULU CHOD the Roaming yogi offering of self. When the chodpa roams he offer his own body to heal other. In short I have unloaded this video by the requested of few Dharma lovers. visit www.phadamap...

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