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About Us
Phadampa Center is mainly supported by a small group of young spirit Buddhist practitioners; both Tibetan in American form and American in Tibetan form.

Dawa la, (Roaming yogi) is one of the Naughties disciple of Lama Wangdu and under Rinpoche's guidance he made the opportunity to practice and preform Chod every weekend here in San Francisco, Bay Area for free and he is working on forming a Chod group in NY too.

You can Read About Dawa la at the bottom of this Page.

Our main objectives are:-
1. Preserve Shije and Chod traditional practice.
2. Restoring the texts of Shije Chod and make them available to Chod Practitioners.
3. Provide support to Chod practitioner’s by providing daily food, housing and         medicines for those who cannot afford it in Nepal and India.
4. Organizing Chod teachings to the public.
5. Provide dharma services like pujas and rituals for the sick, consecrate home, businesses and land.
6. Follow the path of Non Sectarian or Rimed Culture where all traditions are welcome to participate.
7. Restoring and maintaining the holy places of the Mahassidhas
8. Giving Dharma talks to young tibetan in Exile
Chod and tsok offering at homeless senior house at pashupati, NepalChod Teaching organize by Phadampa center.

Giving Money and gifts to the homeless senior in Kathmandu, Nepal.School run by the donation Phadamapa center receive. Kathmandu, Nepal

Naropa and Telopa's cave in Pashupati, KTM, Nepal Falling apart of Telopa's cave

Reconstruction Telopa's cave in Pashupati, KTM, Nepal

Tsok Offering at Vajra Yogini Temple, Pharphing, Nepal

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About Dawa la the Roaming Yogi

During Rinpoche's BirthdayChod Teaching at Portland, USA

Before 100 days of Chod Pilgrimage
Visit at Pashupati nath, KTM, Nepal

My old friend of Pashupati, BABA

Yogi lama at Tso Pema, Indai

Baba friend in Mukti nath, Nepal
Pilgrimage  in India


  Dawa la is the one who taught me the true essence of emptiness, impermanence and has shown me the clear vision of illusions of this samsaric life. He gave me the strength & courage to have this spiritual soul and be a good human being. He inspired many beings with his roaming yogic wisdom and method. His limitless yogic wisdom and practice have been inspiring Phadampa Center and others to preserve this profound Chod practice. We are very fortunate to have Dawa la as our guidance with his pure kind heart. Dawala has always taught us to be an ego less human being.
Kusang Tashi Pamo (Samten)

Dawa is truly remarkable, both as an individual and a Dharma Teacher. Not only is he active in providing support and charitable assistance to the Tibetan community abroad, but he has established a group of Chod practitioners, Western and Tibetan, in the East Bay. Preserving and maintaining Tibetan Buddhism is very important and Dawa and the Phadampa Center has been instrumental in this. We now have a group of fledgling self-sufficient Chod practitioners. Dawa is a ‘Wandering Yogi’, he really comes from the heart. He is also witty, savvy and very compassionate. We are so fortunate he wandered here!
-Jackie Vittori

I have been learning and practicing Chod with Dawa at the Phadampa Center for 1 year. It is with great fortune that I have the opportunity to study and learn Chod. Dawa’s teaching is very sincere, authentic, and powerful. He is very generous with his knowledge, wisdom and great understanding of this very sacred practice.    In addition to his deep understanding of the texts and the benefits gained by all that practice; he also understands what each individual needs to deepen their own connection to the vast-ness of this profound teaching. On a personal level, I can honestly say that my life has transformed thru this practice. In the process of cutting away the ego, I have experienced great challenges and also great compassion. The veils of illusion are lifting and I am experiencing emptiness. Dawa’s connection to Chod and all of his students is very pure and compassionate. I am deeply grateful to Dawa and the Center.
Tricia Parish

Dawa la embodies the naturalness of a Roaming Yogi that he likes to call himself. He has the direct capacity of carrying forward this rare and precious Shije Tradition of Phadampa Sangay taught by Lama Wangdu Norbu Rinpoche. He has amazed me by his vast wisdom and kindness at such a young age, which is almost rare in this day and age. I am very grateful to Dawa la who has without any excuses taken the opportunity to learn genuine Chod tradition from Lama Wangdu la. What he has learned, he has shared compassionately with all of us. For me, this young Tibetan Yogi has bestowed such kindness as a Mother has for its only Son. This period of three years that I have learned and interacted with them will be etched in golden letters in my heart. I dedicate all the merit that I have earned to these two great modern Yogi and Yogini.
Dolma Chuteng

“A successful teacher has wisdom, capacity, and compassion and Dawa has all three. Dawa is a master of chod, and he and Center members are endlessly patient in helping students to learn this practice that they clearly love so much.”
Kurt Keutzer

Meeting cho Dawa was a truly a life changing experience. Though I thank my parents for giving me this life, I am equally grateful if not more to cho Dawa for helping me find meaning in it. It is difficult to put in words my experience and feeling for cho Dawa, but I shall make an attempt. It is rare to find people who truly knows you and understand you, and even more rare it is to find people who stand by you to guide. That is what you will always find in cho Dawa. No matter who you are and where you are from he will watch you with kindness and level of understanding that is hard to find in this degenerate time. Just as Buddha taught variety of teaching with individual needs and understanding, so too cho Dawa speaks with each and every individual with unique method. Every word that he utter from his lips, weather it be pointing out ones flaws or attributes, he does it with only one thing in mind, that is to betterment of ones self. All this I can speak with great confident, for in several years that I have known him he has stayed the same. Everything he does, it is done for the sake of all beings, and he does it through the path of Buddha dharma and more specifically through the practice of chod. It is very rare to meet someone like him and I feel very fortunate to have met him and gotten the chance to know him. Even though I call him cho cho (brother), he is to me my father, my mother, my brother, my sister and above all my guru, my teacher. He will be leaving us soon as he does every year spending months and months in far remote area of Himalaya. Thinking that saddens me greatly, I can find console in the fact that it is for benefit of all being, for every step he takes is taken with all being in mind. And though his physical body might not be present among us here, I feel his presence everywhere. In my time of happiness I feel him watching over me with love and kindness and in times of sorrow reminding me of impermanence and emptiness.
Sonam Gurung

Dawa la is a wandering Yogi. I can’t describe in words. He is one of a kind. I’m very fortunate to learn Chod from him. He taught us essence of Shiji Chod from his pure heart. He is selfless, loving and kind. He is not only my teacher, but also my inspiration. He has touched my heart in many ways, changing my life from power of Chod teaching. He is not only a Yogi, but also a healer. He heals many people with the powerful Chod healing and his campassoinate heart. He is the wandering roaming Yogi and my great teacher.
Dr. Tenzin Yangdon

I tried my best to serve beings through Dharma as per my Lama’s instruction. If I am good, that’s all because of the grace of my loving Guru Lama Tsering Wangdu Norbu Rinpoche. And if I am not as good as I am suppose to be as a Chod practitioner, then that’s my ignorance; please tolerate me with your compassion.
Roaming yogi (Dawa)